For a truly rehabilitative culture

The association wants to provide greater visibility of disability issues and the need to provide adequate services for recovery and reintegration into society following: building consensus and cooperation towards the integration of resources, both at the level of institutions and civil society.
Strengthen their capacity to respond in a differentiated and specialized manner the needs of the disabled population through a process of re-training of health personnel.

Awaring the population and the competent authorities about the patient need, during each treatment rehabilitation on any kind of disease , to refer to highly skilled personnel, and ensure that their work has sufficient quality and scientific rigor, through a staff retraining: update business partner operators in reference to the latest studies and research in neurophysiology, orthopedic, philosophical , etc. ., in a multidisciplinary approach .

We want to oppose simplistic rehabilitation, we believe theoretical skills and practical skills are inseparable in the process of training high-level professional.

What we want to achieve

Point by point



To increase the presence of qualified people working as physiotherapist, as the result of the rise of awareness of the need to form skilled professional, up to date in the field of physiotherapy.



Retraining of the staff through the update of the operators of the partner structure, with regards to the latest studies, and research in neurophysiology, orthopedics, philosophy, etc... in a multidisciplinary perspective.



To improve the quality of services for the citizen, not just 'do', but also bring the citizen to the conception of rehabilitation as a science, through adequate information and the raising of awareness.



To increase the sensibility to issues linked to disability and to provide adequate services for recovery and subsequent reintegration into society.



To build consensus and cooperation towards the integration of resources, on a level of both institutions and civil society.



To involve different local actors and to propose cooperation to partner territories, targeted to local development.



To strengthen local disability organizations through meetings and other forms of twinning with Italian counterparts.



To give continuity to the activities of the Centre by ensuring the coordination from Italy.



To collect data, reliable and complete on both epidemiological and informational levels, on the kinds of diseases treated.



To create a network of exchange and collaboration between the various rehabilitation structures in the countries where the organization works.



To solicit and make parents responsible, so that their associations can be established and strengthened, so that their role can be felt and that they have a real influence on the educational problems of children.



To improve the ability of partner structures' staff to coordinate with regards to communication and comparing of their experiences with other colleagues, through the use of an important research tool, represented by rehabilitation folder: the trained therapists must reach a preparation that will enable them to communicate and discuss with colleagues from other structures, both in their country and, more important, with those of other nations which, in this specific field, count operators of proven experience.

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