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Care, training and networking

In addition to curing, the association is engaged in training, education and formation of those working with rehabilitation, so that operators are adequately prepared to provide the necessary assistance in the broadest form. This means providing adequate teaching tools to trained professionals, to keep increasing the level of preparation.
Each time, the selection of personnel to be trained will be organized in collaboration with the partner structure: recruitment will be between employees of those departments involved in the project. A good knowledge of English is of primary importance.

The technological sustainability will be ensured by the equipment needed: low-cost support, no electrical equipment, non-technological materials, little maintenance and easily reproducible, which thus makes the intervention accessible and sustainable to structures and low-income families that need it.

Monitoring of work and results, using as index mainly the rehabilitation folders, entirely compiled for each patient under treatment. Furthermore, the use of a folder rehabilitation would allow therapists to compare their work with other colleagues and is also useful as a tool for research and exchange of experiences (for example, with Italy through the Internet) .

Coordinating the work from Italy to give continuity to the projects, not only through constant communication and the exchange of updated materials (articles, books , folders, rehabilitation), but also periodic missions of specialized personnel on the place. Organizing, when possible, for example once a year, a one-week theoretical and practical training in Italian structures led by trained colleagues.
Adequate data collection, reliable and complete on both epidemiological and informational level, on the kinds of diseases treated.
To make the necessary and physiological changes, it will be appropriate to seek the advice of those professionals that have been trained in the beginning, through a survey, from which we can extract useful information in terms of variations to be made, especially for what concerns the methods, as well as the contents, of the proposed plan.

Promotion of activities of awareness-raising to involve the institutions (universities, public administrations, mayors , etc…), to ensure political and technical support to the project, and organization of seminars with local disabled associations, to deepen the knowledge of the issues in rehabilitation and to promote the start-up of eventual new services.
Optimizing communicative action and of visibility of the ongoing works as well as the identification of categories to send notice to and which contents to organize and spread.

Creating a network of exchange and collaboration between the various structures in the countries where the organization works.
Mission of doctors and/or nurses when and where necessary.
Moreover, to complete the specific technical interventions in rehabilitation and support to the nursing area, the association offers the opportunity to provide recreational activities for both children and adults outside the schedule and logistics incident to collaboration in the rehabilitation department, through specialists of the sector.

The reality of handicap has no boundaries, it has no flags, a language, a political or party color, it does not have a specific cultural identity. It is a reality of all humanity.

The missions started

How projects are born

From inspection to monitoring

The association after targeted researches and specific assessments, will identify rehabilitation facilities already existing in developing countries, especially related in diseases of children, creating a partnership, with commitments and obligations by both parties: on one hand the association offers free contribution (care, updates, and research), the structure partner will in his engagement produce research papers on specific topics previously agreed, using an important tool represented by rehabilitative folder, element that distinguishes and characterizes this type of rehabilitation approach.
Mode of action is planned on the basis of previous experience in this field by operators who will be protagonists of the projects of the Association.


In the next months

The planned missions
Democratic Rep. of the Congo

Democratic Rep. of the Congo

From 2020.
Training, through missions every six months for 15 days by two experienced therapists / teachers.

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