June 10th – 16th, 2019

One-week observation mission to assess whether there was a possibility to initiate collaboration with the local hospital. An intense experience, in a context of great professionalism and cordiality.

Many patients were observed, and above all it was possible to make the theoretical notions available to the very capable local staff of the rehabilitation department, with examples of rehabilitative reasoning and putting into practice the exercises that followed. Naturally, a brief informative-introductory course was needed on the CTA Neurocognitive Theory (Comparison of Actions), according to the indications of Prof. Carlo Perfetti, to whom all thanks for our rehabilitation and above all personal life goes.

Many patients (both adults and children) with various pathologies were evaluated and treated in collaboration with local therapists.

In October 2019 there will be a training-apprenticeship period for Christine Tusiime (Principal Physiotherapist / Head of Rehabilitation Services – CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital – Entebbe Road, 125 – PO BOX 46, Kisubi, Uganda) at the Study Center of Villa Miari, Carlo Perfetti Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Center, Santorso (VI), Italy.

Subsequently, there will be a mission of two expert therapists / teachers (recognized by the Study Center) comprising an introductory course to the therapists of the hospital, with the presence of therapists from other Central African countries selected by the local structure.

The final objective is to continue the updating of the training process (and possibly plan the first-level course of the rehabilitation approach Comparison between CTA Actions) in the following months, up to a date to be decided, through the mission of two expert therapists / teachers every four months.

A special thanks to the director of the hospital Davide Naggi, explorer of life, an example of a great human being, coherent, concrete and practical.