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Who we are

We are a group of doctors, nurses and rehabilitation therapists specialized in the neurocognitive therapeutic approach, a theoretical model and now also the forefront of action at international level, the flagship of the Italian research, which received great success and has become an essential point of reference for researchers in rehabilitation. Also for the treatment of early years pathologies we refer to Cognitive theorical model.

The rehabilitation therapists who participate in the mission of the association must be enrolled at the AIDETC (Italian Association of Therapeutic Exercise Cognitive Teaching), and is requested to have an adequate knowledge of the English language.
To complete our ‘team’ there are people specialized in playful activities that sits alongside the staff in the projects of the association.
Only a serious and continuous study may allow the rehabilitation to occupy everywhere rightful place.

Our mission


Beyond treatments and remedies, create and spread a serious culture of rehabilitation in countries with all this seem to be impossible. This is our scope.

Where are we going to go

Our work doesn't stop
Democratic Rep. of the Congo Get Involved

Democratic Rep. of the Congo

From 2020.
Training, through missions every six months for 15 days by two experienced therapists / teachers.

cared for people in the world
trained local operators
continents involved: Asia, Africa and Europe

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We intend “giving” as a share, “giving” as a life experience.

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